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Photos by Emily Charles

Dragon Staff Photo by Lauren Colle




Basic Dragon Staff

Beginner Hula Hooping Course 



-What hoop to use

-Hoop posture

-Warm Ups 

Lesson One:

- Waist Hooping

- Turning and Walking

- Passing

- Lift up to hand hooping

Lesson Two:

- Waist to Neck and Neck hooping

- Weave & weave to jump through

- The Vortex up and down

- Waist Breaks

Lesson Three:

- Leg Hooping

- The Helicopter

- Step Through

- Neck to Half Chest Hooping

- Kick up

Lesson Four:

- Beginning Chest Hooping

- Escalator Up

- Tossing and catching

- Basic Hand Spin and Open Palm Spin

Lesson Five:

-Planes and transitions

-combo 1

-combo 2

-combo 3

-combo 4

Intermediate Hooping Course

Lesson One:

- Arm Duck outs

- Shoulder Duck outs

- Chest hooping without arms

- Shoulder hooping

Lesson Two:

- Vertical Waist hooping and breaks

- Knee hooping up to waist

- Vortex from knees

- Jump through Vortex

Lesson Three:

- Intro to Isolations

- Two handed isolations

- Isolation Barrel roll, two handed and one handed

- Smear and Spinning smear

Lesson Four:

- Introduction to chest rolls

- Full chest roll

- Cat eyes isolation

- Escalator up and down and variations

Lesson Five:

- Introduction to shoulder rolls

- Full back roll

- Vertical chest hooping

- Barrel rolls

Lesson Six:

- Combo1

- Combo 2

- Combo 3

- Combo 4

Multi-Hooping Course

Lesson One: Two Hoops off-body

- Elbow and hand

- Wrists and hand

- Same time, split time, different directions

- Hand spins and anti-spins

Lesson Two: Two Hoops on-body

- Hand hooping while knee, waist, chest, neck, and wrist hooping

- Splitting waist hoops

- Knees and waist

- Waist and chest

Lesson Three: Three Hoops

- Three Hoop Split

- Knee hooping plus two

- One handed helicopter

- Hoop Wings

Lesson Four: Four Hoops Off Body

- Four hoop on arms start

- Same time and split time

- Hand spins, isolations, anti-spins

Lesson Five: Four hoops on body

- Waist, Chest, Arm, Hand

- Knees, Waist, Chest, Hand

Lesson Six: Five hoops

Basic Dragon Staff:
Lesson One:
- Static roll
- Continuous forearm roll
- Cheating death
- Lazy Chi Roll
- Transitioning
Lesson Two:
- Chi Rolls
- Anti-Spin Chi Rolls
- Extension Chi Rolls
- Behind the back Chi Roll
Lesson Three:
- Chest roll
- Cheat death chest roll variation
- Turning with cheat death
- Anti turn with cheat death
- Minimal Steve
Lesson Four:
- Foot pop
- Static Roll to foot pop
- Behind the back chi to chi roll
- The Linda (leg and arm chi)
- Continuous chi roll with a toss
Lesson Five:
- Transitions and Combos
- Combo 1, 2, 3

Grace Good is now offering online hoop and dragon staff classes! She currently offers beginner, intermediate, and multi-hooping courses that each include 6 lessons of rigorous detail, comprehensible explanations, and various angles to make sure that you get the experience that you would if taught in person. 

Grace Good is a multi-talented circus artist for hire based in Nashville, Tennessee. Grace fell in love with circus arts in 2011 during her first year of college. From there her circus journey begun, Grace has become a well known and award winning performance artist. Winning 2015 and 2017's Fire Hooper of the Year award on, her videos have gone viral all over the internet gaining thousands of followers. Grace has performed and taught all around the country at different events and festivals.

Grace is also a Nashville based instructor. She teaches kids and adults skills in aerial silks, aerial lyra, and hoop dance. She teaches in Nashville, Tennessee and across the country at flow festivals, private events, public events, and more. Grace is certified to teach beginner aerial silks by the Circus Arts Institute, an American Circus Educators recognized teacher training program (2016). Last but not least, Grace is also the co-owner of Beyond Wings Circus


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NOW offering Hoop Online Classes with Grace Good of Beyond Wings Circus!

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Other Classes Offered

Flex and Conditioning Classes

Info Coming Soon

Circus School Training

Circus School

Do you want to join the circus? Come train with a professional cirque performer of Beyond Wings!! Let us set up a private lesson for aerial silks, juggling, aerial lyra classes and more! Groups, duets, and individuals are welcome!


Bellyrobics Class

BellyRobics/Ladies Night

Have a group of 5 or more

Class Description: Add a little bellydance shimmy class to your aerobic workout. Learn basic moves to add the the aerobic workout. A fun way to exercise. We are also available to come to your location, church building, gym, or home for a ladies night!

CONTACT US for availability

Private Parites

Bring the Circus to Your Backyard

Invite Beyond Wings flyers to be the talk of your neighborhood. Beyond Wings' Block Parties include aerial angels, a free standing rig to your backyard or park. Help kids to spread their wings! 

Having a child's circus birthday party. Beyond Wings circus entertainment can be a hit at your child's birthday party, princess party, graduations, and carnivals. 

Beyond Wings can give private classes to your kid's party or enjoy the entertainment of fire dancing in your backyard, by Wings angels and fire dancers. 

Instructors: Crystal and Emily

CONTACT US for availability 

Class Training

Conditioning at Your Own Home

Excited to take a class and don't think you are strong enough, wrong! This DVD can prepare you for all types of aerial training. Strengthen your core and increase flexibility in your own home! 

Don't have a hammock sling or silks in your home? No problem! We offer online training videos, that require NO equipment. Strong is the new beautiful. Reserve your training dvd and online classes today!

Want to learn to fly and not sure where to start? Want to increase your flexibility? Want to participate in a more fun way of working out or yoga? 

Start Here! 

Beyond Wings offers monthly workshops to of aerial basics, which prepares you for future skills. This class helps you learn about hand grips, conditioning your body, and getting to know the silks that you could eventually be climbing and dropping from. Or if you just want a more fun exercise routine than your average yoga. Take a workshop, just try it!